Video – plastic bags, phone screen, legs. 00:04:48. 2018.

Currently on display in STOA Collective’s virtual exhibition, Out of Body.

Live with Chicks on Speed at meta.morf Trondheim Biennale for Art & Technology, Presented by TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre at Dokkuset, 2018

Reperformance of Pipilotti Rist’s 2009 Open My Glade. Video below, 00:04:48.
Exhibited at Edmonton at Calgary’s Gotta Minute Film Festival in 2019. Also shown at Epcor Tower as part of the University of Alberta Fine Art students group show, at Denouement, a BFA graduation exhibition, and at Natalie Loveless’s Performance Course Exhibition at Harcourt House in 2015.
Installation. Crushed velvet, bike seat, faux-fur, doughnut, video. 2 x 2 x 1.5 (m) 2019.
“Who Are You Without Me? (Part 1: Washing)” Installation View, Gallery KiT, Trondheim Norway. Inflatable chair, bottle of conditioner, water, pink bucket, red wig. 2018.
“Who Are You Without Me? (Part 3: Wearing)” Performance-based video, 00:00:50. 2018. Wig, inflatable, fishnet suit, scrap fabric.
“Touch Me (Jewelry)” Iterations displayed at The Trondheim Art Academy Book Fair in 2017, Latitude 53’s Schmoozy (Edmonton) in 2019 and Kaleido Festival for the Arts, 2019.
Video used in Retreat: Rose Ritual Installation at TKM Gråmolna, Trondheim, Norway, 2019.

“Mounting the Rubbing Tree” Performance-turned Photobook. Created at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island) during “Earth-based Spirituality and Creativity Residency.” Exhibited at Step Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona for “Momento Mori”
curated by Ashley Czajkowski.

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