Solo exhibition in Trondheim, Norway at Galleri Blunk.

Loam describes a mixture of soil that is the ideal plant-growing medium.
Loam heart is a state of the heart’s soil that is the ideal love-growing medium.

Keywords: fertility, love and care for one’s body, kink, self-exposure, Internet as a safe space, ASMR, magic

“I start from the body. Gliding, touching, smelling and feeling through my skin and my feet. The body is a site. Where I keep my heart, my bones, and my stories.”
This project is rooted in my artistic past at the Art Academy of Trondheim, where I link the grounded and earth-based, physical healing mechanisms with superficial healing qualities of the digital realm. This manifests through the use of video, performance, found materials and a sense of arousal. I will use Galleri Blunk as a kind of sanctuary space where the senses are both overwhelmed and calmed at the same time. Loam Heart invites the lonely, broken and cold hearts in to an enchanting womblike space. Work in progress includes video, textile, installation and sculptural/experimental materials. A series of performative gestures may arise such as
– a group meditation
– sing love songs
– free massages (digital and body)
– improvised performance of dance and sound

LED scrolling text sign will appear in the window, visible from the street.
Text in collaboration with my romantic partner, Amadeus.
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